Foster Care First Friday | August 2013

It’s been an interesting month in the foster care world around here.  We have been to court twice this month.  We have watched as some behavoirs have drastically changed in one of the kiddos.  And we have seen joy spread like wildfire on the faces of the fab five.

We even got to spend two nights away recharging our batteries and our relationship -thanks to some wonderful family!

And then we found ourselves here again – on the first friday.

First Friday Button

Here’s the deal:

Once a month on the First Friday we shall link together here at After the Chapel.  Use the linky tool at the bottom of the post to link any post you have written on your blog during the last Month.  (That means anything you wrote since July 1, 2013).  Add your info below, being sure to link your blog post, and not your general blog link.  Then, take to social media and share the link to the blog here, so that people can read your blog post and other foster parents posts far and wide.  And of course, encourage others who have linked with the bloggers love language –  comments!

You can also grab a button from the sidebar to use on twitter, facebook, or your blog, – Easy as Pie!

And that’s it.  Can’t wait to read (or re-read) your posts from the month of July!


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